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Reducing Waste

Posted by Joyce Crosthwaite | February 26, 2014

The Three R’s Are Not Equal!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are the Three R’s of solid waste. All are important. All play a role in helping the environment. But gaining control of one – reduce – stops the cycle at its source and does more to help the environment than the other two. Here are some practical tips:


  • Buy products with less packaging.
  • Buy products in bulk.
  • Live better with less – down-size to a smaller, less-expensive home with fewer possessions and declare freedom from the consumer lifestyle!
  • Repair broken items, rather than discard.
  • Shop with a cloth bag, rather than getting a new paper or plastic bag each time.
  • Make two-sided copies to use less paper.
  • Compost your yard waste and food waste. This is both a method of reducing garbage and recycling.


  • Reuse paper and plastic bags.
  • Donate used items and clothes to a thrift store (and take a tax deduction)
  • Use the other side of one-sided copies for drafts in your printer.
  • Find a new, creative use for items you would otherwise discard.


  • Compost as much waste as you can – it’s smart and saves money.
  • Recycle cardboard, newspapers, magazines, aluminum, tin, scrap metal and glass.