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FIELD Internship Alumni

Program Contact: Kellie Henwood, Regional Small Farms Coordinator
(360) 379.5610 x 201 •

What FIELD alumni say:

“I feel more prepared than people I’ve worked with who have studied related programs like sustainable agriculture.” -Ben Rickard, FIELD Grad 2015

“The FIELD program was very educational and gave a wide overview of different agricultural operations.  It was also really important as a participant to understand the diversity of opportunities in agriculture and helped me to establish roots in this fabulous growing and thriving small community.” -Jenna Dern, FIELD Grad 2013

“The FIELD program provided me with an invaluable opportunity to learn directly from veteran farmers about their unique land-based practices through hands-on participation at their farms. As an intern, I was able to build a strong community network of farmers, interns and community organizations in the area that I can go to for knowledge and assistance in my future farming endeavors!” -Jennifer White, current farm owner, Solstice Farm (2011 FIELD Interns & Mentors)

“I loved the FIELD Program most because of the strong community of young farmers that was formed between the interns. Getting together each week for class, brought more than just the relevant topic; we vented about our farms, compared notes on what we were harvesting and how hard we were working. We really bonded together and learned a lot from each other.”- Dana Swarth, FIELD Grad 2011

“FIELD is a great wayto be introduced to small scale farming, since you visit so many different kinds of farms you learn about so many different ways and possibilities of farming. The strong community in the area and in FIELD was super inspiring – I have never experienced anything like it in my native Sweden.After completing FIELD in 2011,I went back to Sweden and now work as a water, sewage and recycling consultant all over Sweden, mainly working with municipalities.” – Maja Granath, FIELD Grad 2011

“I feel like I took an important beginning step toward reaching my goals by completing this program”- FIELD Grad 2010

“I loved going to different farms, meeting new farmers, and building the intern community. I looked at several farms and FIELD’s model of education and sharing of knowledge is unique and awesome.”- FIELD Grad 2010

“It was great getting to meet so many people from other farms and other young farmers. I especially loved the classes on marketing and starting a business!” -FIELD Grad 2010