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It’s Your Watershed – Water Matters

Program Contact: Bob Simmons, Olympic Region Water Resources Specialist
(360) 379.5610 x 207 •

The information in this document is provided and formatted so that educators throughout the Pacific Northwest region may use these pages to provide the public with accurate, up to date information about watersheds and their functions. You may download, print, and distribute as needed. It is helpful to add a page of your local resources, web sites, and phone numbers when using these for your educational purposes. Content includes: General watershed overview, Wetlands, Shorelines and Estuaries, Salmon, Soils, Water Cycle, Carbon Cycle, the Greenhouse Effect, Stewardship, Pet Waste, Trees and Forests, Drinking Water, Wells and Septics, Water Resources, and A Water Discussion Course.

As the number of people sharing space and needing water continues to increase, it becomes more and more important that we understand our local watersheds and how to help keep them functioning and healthy. Water is essential to all life, finite in quantity, and must be kept clean and healthy for everyones sake.

Its Our Watershed: Water Matters started as a Washington State University Jefferson County Extension (WA) project to educate community residents. We partnered with local realtors to distribute colorful folders containing this type of watershed information to their agents and clients. We also gave folders out at community workshops and classes, the Extension office, county and city planning offices, libraries, and other similar venues.

With funding from EPA, the Region 10 Pacific Northwest Water Team created this regionalized web-based version for use throughout Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. It is our intention that educators and citizens can print out the pages for educational use in their communities.

If you have questions, please contact:

Water Team

WSU Jefferson County Extension

380 Jefferson St, Port Townsend, WA 98368


Phone: 360.379.5610 X 200

You may download individual sections or the entire document below:

Section 1: Watersheds [13.1 MB pdf]

Section 2: Natural Resources [5.6 MB pdf]

Section 3: Stewardship [6.6 MB pdf]

Section 4: Drinking Water [0.97 MB pdf]

Section 5: Well & Septic [2.1 MB pdf]

Section 6: Water Discussion Course [2.9 MB pdf]

Section 7: Resources [2.1 MB pdf]

Entire Document [31.4 MB pdf]