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Virtual Showcase: Cat

Fitting & Showmanship


Name: Layla Franson

Age Group: Intermediate


Creative Cat Owners

4-H youth were tasked with creating a cat-themed piece of artwork

Created by Layla Franson, Intermediate
Created by Gwen Matthews, Cloverbud
Created by Gwen Matthews, Cloverbud
Created by Grace Matthews




Youth Name: Layla Franson

Age Category: Intermediate

Cat’s Name:  Mr. Tulip

Costume Title: Toothless the Dragon

Why this theme?

The character is one I always loved and I wanted to use it with my cat. I was able to merge two things I love”

How was the costume made?

I got the pieces of material from my Grama’s scrap box, a pair of old black pants, some old garden gloves and eyes from an old stuffed animal. I cut and sewed a leg of my pants for the body part and part of the waistband area for the hoodie. I stuffed the fingers of garden gloves and sewed them on as horns/ears. I screwed the eyes into small holes in the hoodie. I cut and sewed felt for the wings and tail. Everything was hand sewn as Grama’s machine needs work.

The eyes are removable because I have to put them back in the stuffed animal. It was sewn except part of the hoodie was tucked in to adjust the fit. Mr. Tulip is so cooperative, he purrs when modeling.