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Gibbs Lake Challenge Course

Program Contact: Tanya Barnett, 4-H Youth Coordinator
(360) 379.5610 x208 •

Gibbs Lake Low-Ropes Challenge Course

Fostering team development and personal growth — through group outdoor educational experiences.  The 9-element low-ropes course is located in beautiful Gibbs Lake Park in Chimacum, WA.

What is a 4-H Challenge?

4-H challenge courses foster team development, leadership and personal growth within a group setting. Using a series of fun and engaging outdoor learning activities, participants strengthen relationships, improve communication, and develop their leadership skills and abilities.  Each course session is facilitated by a Certified 4-H Challenge Facilitator.

“Challenge By Choice”: Participants are encouraged to take risks in Challenge programs, such as trying a new behavior or an unfamiliar activity. With the support of the group, these perceived challenges can be successfully overcome. However, it is ultimately the participant who decides their level of involvement. Portable Challenge Experience is designed for groups and teams to build communication, trust and social/emotional learning skills in a classroom or outdoor setting. The activities range from 1-4 hours long, sometimes through multiple sessions.


Who May Participate?

The minimum age for challenge course participants is 10.  The 4-H Challenge Program can be tailored to benefit the mission of any group it serves, such as:

  • Schools (public or private)
  • Youth organizations
  • Adults who work with youth
  • Leadership groups
  • Treatment programs
  • Work training programs
  • Government and business groups that work with youth

How Do I Arrange to Bring My Group to Gibbs Lake Challenge Course?

Please contact the 4-H Coordinator at WSU Extension Jefferson Co.: or (360) 379-5610 x208.  The Coordinator will discuss dates, facilitators, costs, required forms, and other details.

Costs for Using Gibbs Lake Challenge Course:

  • Participant fee: $10/participant +
  • Facilitator fee: $175 (for 1-4 hours) or $250 (for 4-6 hours)

All fees are payable to:
WSU Jefferson County Extension 4-H, 121 Oak Bay Rd., Port Hadlock, WA 98339

Required Forms for All Participants at Gibbs Lake Course:
Liability Waiver

Medical Form

Media Release 

Personal Clothing List

Download 4-H Challenge Course at Gibbs Lake brochure