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How to become a Volunteer

Program Contact: Nancy Baskett, 4-H Program Coordinator
(206) 263-1923 •
Have you ever thought about sharing a favorite hobby with kids?. 4-H clubs support all kinds of contemporary activities and interests. You might sew, cook, work with animals, or can preserves or maybe you are a computer tech, athlete, artist, or metalworker. All of these activities and more can lead to a spark of learning in a young mind! If you’ve put years into studying seashells, studying nature, designing websites, or showing dogs – 4-H needs you.

Adult volunteers are essential to 4-H program. There are many ways you can support our 4-H family as a volunteer. If you’re great at organizing, fundraising, planning events, working behind the scenes, give our King County 4-H Program Coordinator a call! You will be surprised at the positive difference you can have in our community through volunteering in your local 4-H organization. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Here are some thoughts from our friends at California 4-H:

Who can volunteer?

Both youth and adults can volunteer. Adult volunteer must be at least 18 years old and not currently enrolled as a 4-H member. Current 4-H members can provide volunteer leadership through the 4-H Leadership Project and by enrolling as a Youth Leader.

What do 4-H volunteers do?

Many 4-H volunteers are Club Leaders. As a Club Leader, you provide guidance, teach life skills and share what you love (cooking, art, engineering, fishing, cattle… and so much more) with youth. Most 4-H Leaders work in partnerships within the same 4-H Club, as General Leaders, Project Leaders and/or Resources Leaders.

There are many other ways to help, including volunteering as a Volunteer Educator, training and supporting fellow 4-H volunteers, becoming an Outreach Educator, showcasing 4-H activities and information at local events, and holding a position on a local or statewide 4-H Council or committee.

To learn more about volunteering with 4-H contact us!  The possibilities are endless; 4-H is ignited by the passion of volunteers and the youth they mentor.

How can I join?

Let’s chat! You can call, email or visit the WSU King County Extension office to learn how to make an impact in the lives of local youth and your community. We’ll want to know what hobbies/subjects/roles you’re interested in, what level of commitment you’re seeking, and if you’re looking to join an existing program/club or start something new!

All potential 4-H volunteers apply by completing the WSU 4-H Volunteer Application Forms. Member and Leader safety and acceptance is our top priority, so all applicants must also agree to participate in a reference and background check. Once approved, volunteers receive direct training on youth development and program planning by 4-H staff.

Make a lasting positive impact on a young person’s life and become a 4-H Leader today!

Volunteering for 4-H Gives you the opportunity to:

Share your passion – Inspire youth – Discover new hobbies – Bond with your kids and family – Learn new skills (personally and professionally) – Reconnect with your community – Gain experience – Be a mentor – Hone your teaching skills – Make friends – Connect with your heritage and history – Help your community –  Be a part of something greater than yourself

Useful Links for 4-H Volunteers

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