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Coronavirus COVID-19

COVID-19 Advisory: WSU Extension is working to keep our communities safe. All Extension programming is being conducted consistent with the latest official state guidance. WSU Extension county offices and WSU Research & Extension Centers are following protocols for vaccination, masking, distancing and hygiene. If this office is not open to the public, we are available during normal business hours via email, phone, and web conference.

Master Gardeners of King County

Program Contact: Mary Watts, KCMG Program Coordinator
206-543-0943 •
The WSU Extension King County Master Gardener program provides a multitude of resources for home gardeners. This gardening information is available to the public and is

  • research-based and
  • focused on environmentally friendly and sustainable gardening practices

Explore this page and our website for more resources and FREE information available to the home gardener from the Master Gardeners of King County.


Become A Master Gardener

Asian woman clipping a pink rose
How to Become A Master Gardener
NEW UPDATE: Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic the Master Gardener Program of King County did not conduct training for new Master Gardeners in 2021. We are now accepting applications for the 2022 training year.

What's New?

More Complex Gardening and Nature Activities for Children and Youth
Find downloadable lessons on spiders, leaves, rain, pinecones, bees, seeds, flowers and other subjects about gardening and nature!

bird nest with three blue eggs
Simple Gardening and Nature Activities for Children and Youth
Bug Races, Scavenger Hunts, Tape Bracelets and more. Activity sheets to download.

Gardener with a box of assorted colorful vegetables
King County Master Gardeners Speakers Bureau
Would you like to schedule a Washington State University Extension Master Gardener to speak to your gardening club or other group? WSU Master Gardeners do presentations on a variety of gardening topics as part of their mission to empower and sustain diverse communities with relevant, unbiased, research-based horticulture and environmental stewardship education. Read more.

Educational Resources

Annual border at the Bellevue Demo Garden
Bellevue Demo Garden Workshops – Saturdays, mid-January through October 2022
Topic include new plants and methods as well as current science-based research and techniques for the Pacific Northwest gardener. Saturdays from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. via Zoom. Registration is required. Check the schedule, register and mark your calendar.

Variety of vegetables
Growing Groceries Gardening Classes
Our 2022 Growing Groceries class topics range from favorites like tomatoes and small fruit to seed starting, weeds, water and pest management. Register for the 2022 classes are available on our website.

Ask A Master Gardener

Ask A Master Gardener graphic
Email Clinic
Master Gardener Email Clinic – Gardening Questions? Send your gardening questions via email to a Master Gardener at

Ask A Master Gardener Zoom background detail
Ask A Master Gardener – Video Clinic
Our Video Clinic has suspended its activities for 2021.

Gardening Tip Sheets

Master Gardener teaching girl to garden
Climate Friendly Gardening – Tip Sheet #14
Gardeners can help reverse the accumulation of heat-trapping gases by growing plants and building healthy soils. Find out how.

Houseplants – Tip Sheet #15
It is important to pick plants that fit your environment and your ability to care for them. First evaluate your environment to find a match for your plant’s needs and what you can and will offer.

Tulips in many colors
Gardening Tip Sheets
Our gardening tip sheets provide information on a wide range of topics specific to gardening in King County and are available for download, free. Check out all of our tip sheets

Demonstration Gardens

Soos Creek Botanical Garden and Heritage Center
Demonstration Gardens
In each of these demonstration gardens, the community can see firsthand the types of plants that grow well in our area and learn recommended planting practices and overall garden care.




Feature image by Jeswin Thomas. Small image of hellebore by Alicja.


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Spring tulips

Gardening Classes

Many of our classes are now available online. Check here for information about the 2022 Growing Groceries classes and the Bellevue Demo Garden workshops and other KCMG Education activities.

Clinics and Gardens

King County Clinic and Garden Locations – Our in-person clinics are operating in a limited capacity due to COVID-19. You may connect with Master Gardeners year-round through our Email Clinic.

Master Gardener Foundation of King County

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which raises funds for the financial support of the WSU Extension Master Gardener program in King County. These funds help the program meet its mission to provide research-based education about urban horticulture and sustainable gardening to the residents of King County. The Foundation website,, publishes information about fundraising activities, resources, newsletters, educational opportunities, plant sales and Foundation-related information.