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Fruit and Veggie Fun at Dick Scobee Elementary

Posted by cahnrs.webteam | November 7, 2014

Last week, Food $ense helped present two assemblies at Dick Scobee Elementary School in Auburn, in our favorite fruit and vegetable costumes! The assemblies were organized by Hope Heart Institute. Students saw healthy living skills in action with a grocery grab relay race and physical activity obstacle course. Student and teacher volunteers formed teams and ran across the stage, chose a healthy food or beverage, ran back, and dropped it in their team’s grocery bag. All the team members had a chance to choose a healthy item, then bags were dumped out. Everyone helped decide whether the snacks inside were healthy “anytime” foods, or less healthy “sometimes” foods.

The obstacle course showed fun ways to exercise. Lucky volunteers were selected to make teams. Each team member ran through cones, hula-hooped, did jumping jacks, and then tagged the next person on their team. Even the giant fruit and vegetable mascots got through the obstacles! Everyone had lots of fun getting their heart rate up, by doing the obstacle course or cheering on their classmates and favorite teachers.

Students also learned the 5-2-1-0 chant that reminds them to be healthy by getting…

5 servings of fruits and vegetables

2 hours or less of recreational screen time (TV, video and computer games)

1 hour or more of physical activity

0 sodas and sugary drinks (and more water and low-fat milk!)…

…Every day! For more information on the 5210 campaign, please visit Multicare’s 5210 page here.

Food $ense, Hope Heart Institute, and Multicare Staff as our favorite fruits and vegetables!