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Community Impact

Making Impacts Globally and Locally

WSU Extension serves the residents of Washington State by creating and delivering targeted research-based knowledge and education. It’s a mission the organization and its dedicated specialists have refined over the past century. Part of that process is communicating results.

These reports provide accounts of how our programs empower participants to better their lives. We hope the reports inspire you to join at least one of our courses or events, share your story, and provide feedback. Your involvement will help us improve our responsiveness and reach more individuals.


Powerful Partner

Sewer Safety

In rare instances, natural gas lines have inadvertently been installed through sewer or septic lines. Clearing a blockage with a cutting tool could break the gas line, creating a dangerous situation. Our Powerful Partner Puget Sound Energy will meet your plumber on site, for free, to make sure the sewer or septic line is safe to clear.

Don’t take a chance. Before your plumber clears an exterior blockage, be sure to call PSE at 1-888-225-5773. For more information, go to


Renewable energy programs

Now making a positive difference is within reach. 

Our Powerful Partner Puget Sound Energy’s renewable programs are designed so you can reduce your carbon footprint, while supporting the growth of renewable energy projects in our region.   Together we can create a better energy future. 

Find the program right for you at

Puget Sound Energy

Renewable Energy Center open now

Puget Sound Energy’s Renewable Energy Center at Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility in Kittitas County has opened for the season and will stay open through Oct. 31.

Besides offering guided tours the wind and solar generation facilities, the REC’s surroundings offer many kinds of recreation, wildlife and wildflowers.

The PSE facility sits about 20 minutes east of Ellensburg on a 3,500-foot ridge, and boasts amazing views of many of the highest peaks in the Cascades.