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Tip Sheet #2 – Gardening Publications with Cover Images

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These WSU publications have been developed specifically for home gardeners in Western Washington.

All publications can be downloaded for free at unless otherwise noted.


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Growing Vegetables

Home Vegetable Gardening in Washington, EM057E

Growing Dry Beans in Home Gardens, FS135E

Growing Green Beans in Home Gardens, FS088E

Growing Carrots in Home Gardens, FS118E

Growing Sweet Corn in Home Gardens, FS104E

Growing Cucumbers in Home Gardens, FS096E

Growing Eggplant in Home Gardens, FS149E

Growing Garlic in Home Gardens, FS162E

Growing Onions in Home Gardens, FS097E

Growing Green Peas in the Home Garden, FS116E

Growing Peppers in Home Gardens, FS220E

Growing Potatoes in the Home Garden, FS165E

Growing Radishes in Home Gardens, FS127E

Growing Squash in Home Gardens, FS087E

Growing Tomatoes in Home Gardens, FS145E

Pest Control in Home Vegetable Gardens, EM009E

How to Install A Floating Row Cover, FS089E

Growing Food on Parking Strips and in Front Yard Gardens, FS115E

Propagating Plants from Seed, PNW0170 – Digital or PNW0170-P – Physical

Raised Beds, Deciding If They Benefit Your Vegetable Garden, FS075E

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Growing Fruit

Fruit Handbook for Western Washington, EB0937, $6.50 download

Fruit Handbook for Western Washington, EB0937, $13 bound

Organic Pest & Disease Management in Home Fruit Trees & Berry Bushes, EM066E

Pest Management Guide for Apples in Washington Home Orchards, EM101E

Training & Pruning Your Home Orchard, PNW400

Why Backyard Fruit Trees Are Not for Everyone, FS124E

Anthracnose Canker Integrated Management Plan for Home Gardeners [Apples] FS297E

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Trees, Shrubs and Lawns

Drought Tolerant Landscaping for Washington State, EM087E

Identifying, Treating, and Avoiding Azalea & Rhododendron Problems, EM091

Ornamental Trees for Narrow Spaces, EM096E

Selecting Plants for Screens & Hedges, EM089E

Planting Trees & Shrubs in the Landscape, FS047E

Reasons to Prune Trees and Shrubs in Home Gardens, FS182E

Pruning Equipment for Home Gardeners, FS131E

Assessing Tree Health, FS055E

Tree Topping, A Practice to Avoid FS061E

Why Do Leaves Turn Red? FS209E

Growing Roses in Washington State-A Seasonal Calendar, FS164E

Growing Roses in Washington State-Planting Roses, FS166E

Growing Roses in Washington State-Common Disease & Insect Problems, FS246E

Are Native Trees and Shrubs Better Choices for Wildlife in Home Landscapes? FS300E

How Are Hydrangea Flower Colors Determined? FS309E

Lawns: Fine Fescue for Home Lawns, FS200E

Home Lawns, EB0482E

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Soil, Composting, Mulch, Watering and Microclimate

A Home Gardener’s Guide to Soils & Fertilizers, EM063E

Organic Soil Amendments in Yards & Gardens: How Much is Enough?, FS123E

Backyard Composting, EB1784E

Using Coffee Grounds in Gardens & Landscapes, FS207E

Using Arborist Wood Chips as Landscape Mulch, FS160E

Cover Crops for Home Gardens West of the Cascades, FS111E

Methods for Successful Cover Crop Management in Your Home Garden, FS119E

Watering Home Gardens and Landscape Plants, EB1090

Drip Irrigation for the Yard & Garden, FS030E

How to Determine Your Garden Microclimate, FS181E

Potential Contaminants in Residential Rain Barrel Water, FS280E

A Gardener’s Primer to Mycorrhizae FS269E

Gypsum Use in Home Gardens & Landscapes FS307E

Epsom Salt Use in Home Gardens & Landscapes FS308E

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Pests, Diseases, and Beneficials

Beneficial Insects, Spiders, and Other Mini-Creatures in Your Garden, EM067E

Natural Insecticides, PNW649

Organic Fungicides for the Home Garden, FS128E

Pesticide Ingredient: Neonicotinoids, FS210E

Pesticides: Learning About Labels, FSIPM001E

Pesticides: Safe Handling, FSIPM002E

Pollination & Protecting Bees and Other Pollinators, FS174E

What Is Tunneling in My Yard?, FS143E

Mole Management in Washington Backyards, FS146E

Vole Management in Home Backyards & Gardens, FS094E

Pest-specific Fact Sheets-Brown Marmorated Stink Bug FS079E

Pest-specific Fact Sheets-European Chafer FS078E

Pest-specific Fact Sheets-Lily Leaf Beetle FS084E

Pest-specific Fact Sheets-Paper Wasp FS152E

Pest-specific Fact Sheets-Spotted Wing Drosophila FS049E

Pest-specific Fact Sheets-Viburnum Leaf Beetle, FS202E

Washington Bumble Bees in Home Yards & Gardens, FS263E

Lady Beetles-Should We Buy Them for our Gardens? FS268E

Pesticide Ingredient: Horticultural Oil, FS184E

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WSU Hortsense, Pestsense and Gardening in Washington State



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