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Host Farms

Interested in being a host farm? Please complete the Farm Mentor Application and email to


Around the Table Farm

Dana Steege-Jackson, Farm Owner & Farm Mentor

Around the Table Farm is located on 5.5 acres of land at 400ft. of elevation above the town of Poulsbo, Washington. The farm has been growing food here since 2010 using horses to plow the fields to grow vegetables, berries, flowers, and raising chickens for eggs.

Bainbridge Vineyards

Betsey Wittick, Owner, Winegrower and Wine Maker

Butler Green Farms

Brian MacWhorter, Farm Owner & Farm Mentor

Butler Green Farms has been growing biodynamic vegetables and fruits in the Northwest for 35 years and on Bainbridge Island for 25 of those years. They are currently farming 25 acres on the Island and are committed to sustainable farming practices.

Full Tilth Farm

Full Tilth Farm is a five-acre farm located in Poulsbo WA, operated by Renee Ziemann, Luke Yoder, and Becky Warner. We grow a variety of berries and vegetables using sustainable farming methods that enhance the soil and protect the farm ecosystem.  We are committed to producing nutritious and delicious food for our community, strengthening our local economy, and building supportive relationships with our customers.

Laughing Crow Farm

Betsey Wittick, Farm Owner & Farm Mentor

Persephone Farm

Rebecca Slattery, Farm Owner & Farm Mentor

Persephone Farm is a 13-acre farm in Indianola that includes two cultivated acres, an orchard, pastured poultry, open fields and habitat for birds and other wildlife. They use crop rotations, homemade compost, and beneficial insectaries to avoid pesticides and chemical fertilizers.