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Health Equity Research Collaborative

(360) 337-7157
Is an on-campus initiative that awarded several $5000 seed grants with the goal of establishing new productive partnerships between community health organizations and WSU researchers.  (*PI) (* lead PI)(** co-PI)

a.  **Kitsap County Community Food Access– A multi-stakeholder project led by Laura Ryser, MA, Food Systems Regional Specialist.

i.   The primary purpose is to measure food access by conducting a baseline food landscape assessment using an ecological framework to better understand the food environment in Kitsap County.  Geo-referenced data will map environmental and socio-economic factors to identify communities of low food access using the modified Retail Food Environment Index (mRFEI) created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The assessment will look at three components of food access that will consider the social and environmental factors that influence how and where a person purchases food (Martin et al., 2011):

  1. Location and types of food retailers
  2. Proximity of food retailers to residential areas and schools
  3. Socio-economics of food choice

b.  *Kitsap County Healthy Lifestyles project– a collaborative project with New Life Community Development. The goal of this partnership is to address Kitsap County’s African American population’s social and environmental barriers of accessing healthy food options. Several studies have suggested that the lack of access to healthy food options and an overabundance of access to unhealthy food options are some of the reasons why African Americans disproportionately struggle with chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers (James, 2004, Tucker, 2010, Airhihenbuwa & Kumanyika, 1996). This work is part of a larger effort to address several aspects of Kitsap County’s minority preventive interventions and health inequity aimed at women of childbearing age, youth, men and multigenerational families

For more information contact Laura Ryser or (360) 337-7157 x6274

c.  **Tofa Saili (to study)-a collaborative partnership with Fetu Ti’ala Project and led by Joy Lile, Ph.D. The purpose of the partnership and seed grant is to assess and provide recommendations on how to improve the lives of Pacific Islander families by narrowing the academic and achievement gaps for PI students.

i.  Kitsap Foundation

ii.  For more information contact: Joy Lile or (360) 337-7157 x6266