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4-H Military

(360) 337-7157 x6268 •

Kitsap County 4-H partners with the military branches in Kitsap County to implement 4-H youth development programming on their installations. The Kitsap County 4-H military partnership programs provide opportunities for military youth aged 5-19 to engage in 4-H through their community.

4-H Kitsap County is working to:

  • Support and create 4-H programming at CYP on NBK bases at the Child and Youth Centers
  • create promotional material for distribution
  • build awareness about the program and projects available
  • train staff and leaders
  • provide support to Installations through resources, project kits and ongoing 4-H military programs
  • Support local military community clubs


For more information on 4-H Military programs, please contact 360-337-7157 x6268 or