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Volunteering for 4-H pays you back in more ways than you can imagine. Working with talented, inspiring youth provides you with an excellent outlook on your community. You will gain skills in the areas of organization, public speaking, and self-confidence to name a few. Your experience as a 4-H volunteer will provide an insight for future employers on your skills and abilities for various occupations. Not to mention the miles of many memories and new friendships you will gain as a result of working together for a common goal.

As a 4-H volunteer, you will become affiliated with our state’s land grant university, Washington State University. You instantly have the resources of WSU Extension at your fingertips. Additionally, you enjoy the benefit of WSU liability coverage and L & I coverage should you be injured while on the job.

Volunteer Opportunities

Whatever you have to offer, we have a place for you. Our volunteer opportunities range from a one-time experience to an on-going relationship between you and 4-H. These opportunities are available at the club, county, or 4-H administrative level. We match your skill and preferred interests with our needs. For example, you may wish to help out in the 4-H office with clerical tasks and occasional bulk mailings. Some may lean towards participating at county events for one or more days throughout the year. There are also on-going opportunities to lead a group of young people in an interest area or in the club setting. Your skills and talents are very much needed to assist our young people as they grow and develop.

Volunteer Education

Volunteers are provided a quality, comprehensive education program that helps you to work with and teach youth in many different interest-related areas, we call programs. Topics range from new club orientation to effective group leadership.

Successful Club Meetings

Apply Now

Take the first step towards becoming a 4-H volunteer. Download and complete the WSU 4-H Volunteer Application. Once we receive your application, we will contact you for any further information.

Volunteer Resources


Volunteer Hours Reporting

Thank you for being a 4-H volunteer! Please report your hours ONLINE to WSU by clicking on the link below:

Report your hours


Print and email/fax/mail this Completed Form:

4-H Volunteer hour reporting