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4-H CloverHow Do I Join 4-H?

Enrollment takes place through a 4-H Club Leader. Please see our interactive map to find a club for you!

4-H CloverWhat Projects are Available in 4-H?

If you are wanting to find a new project to add to you 4-H experience? Or maybe you are looking to change your project? Wondering where you can find more information and publications to help you in your current project? Check out our projects and publications page for more information!

4-H CloverWhat Programs are Available in 4-H?

The 4-H program reaches out to kids and their families to build skills for life! WSU Extension’s Youth and Family programs improve the capacity of young people to be successful while strengthening their families to support healthy development. Check out some of our amazing programs:

To find out more about 4-H programs in Kitsap County, please contact our office (360) 337-7157 x6270

4-H CloverHow Do I become a 4-H Volunteer?

Learn more here about becoming a 4-H Volunteer!

4-H CloverI am a Volunteer, how do I report my hours?

Thank you for being a valued volunteer for our 4-H program. Please report your hours using our WSU Volunteer Database. If you have any questions about logging into the system, please contact our office (360) 337-7157 x6270.

4-H CloverWhere can I find out about the Kitsap County 4-H Council?

You can find a list of our council members, council directors, bylaws and past minutes on our 4-H Council page.

4-H CloverWhere do I find 4-H Enrollment forms?

You can find more information on our enrollment page.