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Coronavirus COVID-19

COVID-19 Advisory: WSU Extension is working to keep our communities safe. All Extension programming is being provided virtually, postponed, or canceled. Effective March 16, 2020, WSU Extension county offices and WSU Research & Extension Centers will be closed to the public. We are available via email, phone, and webconference.

Animal Science Lesson Plans

Quality Assurance

Facilities Management

– What’s Your Plan (Level 1)

– Housing (Level 1)

– Environment: Caring for My Animal (Level 1)

– Temperature and Ventilation in the Barn (Level 1)

Animal Handling & Care

– Safe Animal Handling (Level 1)

– Veterinary Client Relationships (Level 1)

– Preventable Practices (Level 1, 2)

– Livestock Injection Methods & Placement

– Injection Sites & Techniques (Level 1)

– Reading Medication Labels (Level 1)

– Reading Medication Labels (Level 2)

– Castration, Dehorning/Disbudding, and Docking (Level 2)

– Hauling (Level 3)


– The Importance of Animal Identification

– Animal Identification (Level 2)

– Animal Recordkeeping for Disease Prevention (Level 1)


Evaluation (Level 1)

Structural Conformation (Level 1)

The Importance of Structural Correctness in Livestock

Skeletal Structure (Level 2)


Basic Nutritional Requirements: Ruminant (Level 1)

Monogastric Nutrition (Level 1, 2, 3)

5 Basic Nutrients (Level 1)

Feed Critters

Animal Digestion: A Stomach at Work

What Do Dairy Cows Eat?

Feed Labels (Level 1, 2)

Average Daily Gain (ADG) (Level 1)

Feeding Market Lambs

Health & Disease

Veterinary Client Relationships (Level 1)

Preventable Practices (Level 1, 2)

What Does a Healthy Animal Look Like? (Level 1)

Livestock Injection Methods & Placement

Injection Sites & Techniques (Level 1)

Reading Medication Labels (Level 1)

Disease Prevention (Level 1)

One Health: Health for One, Health for All

Toxins and Your Animal

External Parasites


– Basics of Biosecurity

– What is a Pathogen?

– Diseases That Animals and Humans Share

– Zoonotic Vocabulary Activity Cards

– Building on Biosecurity: Reducing the Risk

– Influenza: Mutation Nation



Introduction to Reproduction (Level 1, 2, 3)

Parts of Reproductive Systems (Level 2)

Constructing Reproduction

Genetics – Coming Soon!

Heat Detection (Level 2)

Milk Production: Dairy Cows

Quality and Products

Ideal Market Animal (Level 2) – Coming Soon!

Animal Byproducts (Level 1, 2)

Creating and Evaluating Steaks

Pin the Meat Cut on the Animal

Show Ring

Showmanship (Level 1)

Equipment (Level 1)

Getting Ready for the Show (Level 1)

Swine Showmanship: Video

Beef Showmanship: Video

Lamb Showmanship: Video


Thank You Letters (Level 1)

Inviting Buyers to the Market Animal Sale (Level 2)


Evaluation (Level 1)

Livestock Judging, Note Taking, and Oral Reasons (Level 2)

Judging Beef Cattle & Oral Reasons 101

Judging Meat Goats & Oral Reasons 101

Judging Sheep & Oral Reasons 101

Judging Swine & Oral Reasons 101


Connecting with the Public through a Positive Image (Level 1)

Where Our Food Comes From (Level 1, 2)

Examining Growth Hormones in Beef

Youth Guide on Animal Welfare for Fairs and Exhibitions

Leader’s Guide on Animal Welfare for Fairs and Exhibitions



Career Exploration (Level 1, 2)

Bridging Human and Animal Health