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Coronavirus COVID-19

COVID-19 Advisory: WSU Extension is working to keep our communities safe. All Extension programming is being provided virtually, postponed, or canceled. Effective March 16, 2020, WSU Extension county offices and WSU Research & Extension Centers will be closed to the public. We are available via email, phone, and webconference.

What is 4-H?

Program Contact: Bridget Rohner, WSU Extension Youth Family & Community Education, Lincoln-Adams
(509) 725-4171 •

The joy of 4-H is seeing young people grow through their accomplishments.

Developing all youth to reach their fullest potential through:

  • Learning by doing
  • Contact with caring adults
  • Access to researched information

4-H'er in a shooting sports project4-H enables youth to have fun and meet new people. There are opportunities to learn life skills, set goals, build self-confidence, learn responsibility and make decisions. Working with others encourages team work and communication skills. Competitive situations help youth develop ethics and learn to accept wins and losses gracefully.

4-H Builds Tomorrow’s Leaders

  • For youth ages 5 to 19 (K – 12th grade.)
  • Youth can participate in 4-H in a variety of ways.

4HModesCircle copy

  • Clubs Community, Project, Military
  • School Enrichment Programs during school time
  • Special Interest and Short Term activities
  • Family / Individual project study
  • After School Clubs & School Age Care Programs
  • Camps Resident and Day Camps

4-H offers a wide range of projects, programs and activities that every member can do and use to develop life skills

Parents, volunteers, community leaders, and Extension staff share their time and talents with 4-H youth.

What is a 4-H “CLUB”?

It is an organized group of youth, led by an adult, with a planned program that is carried on throughout all or most of the year. 4-H clubs may meet in any location and typically have elected officers and a set of rules approved by the membership to govern the club.

  • Community clubs typically meet in the evenings or on weekends and offer self-chosen multiple learning experiences and activities.
  • In-school clubs meet during school hours and have officers and planned activities beyond school enrichment.
  • 4-H after-school clubs are organized within child care settings and include officers and planned activities.
  • Military 4-H clubs are organized by the Armed Forces, often on military installations, and principally for military dependents

Click for Establishing a Club Guidelines

How do I enroll?

To enroll youth members  in Lincoln or (East) Adams Co. WA, first, contact Julie Hartz or 509-659-3209 OR visit with key contact in a club in your area. Lincoln-Adams WA 4-H Contacts

Some clubs accept new members anytime between Oct. 1 and early July. (Final Lincoln-Adams enrollment deadline is July 15th.) Many clubs set earlier enrollment deadlines for new members based on educational delivery and activity schedule or cap on number of youth for safe management. Clubs must meet a December 1st returning member enrollment deadline to re-charter for the year.

Once you have completed requirements to start a new 4-H Club OR visited with a club leader to join an existing club, the next step is to enroll in 4-H via 4hOnline.

Steps for Club & Family Group Enrollment

Adult volunteer enrollment:
4-H volunteers must be trained and certified to enroll and hold leadership positions in 4-H. in Lincoln or (East) Adams Co. WA, click here for the 4-H Volunteer Information & Application Process  or contact Julie Hartz or 509-659-3209.  Returning volunteers should visit with the General (head) leader of the club(s) they are affiliating with or Julie Hartz for County Resource roles before re-enrolling in the 4hOnline enrollment system.

More information: WA State 4-H Volunteers

Who can I contact?

Want to Know More about 4-H?

Promotional Brochure:

Extension is for Everyone

Extension programs and policies are consistent with federal and state laws and regulations on nondiscrimination regarding race; sex/gender; sexual orientation; gender identity/expression; religion; age; color; creed; national or ethnic origin; physical, mental, or sensory disability, including disability requiring the use of a trained service animal; marital status, genetic information, and/or status as an honorably discharged veteran or member of the military. Report concerns to, 509-335-8288, or your local Extension office. Requests for special accommodations at Lincoln-Adams Extension Events can be made at least two weeks in advance by calling 509-659-3209 or 509-725-4171.

Join 4-H Today

I Pledge:
  • My head to clear thinking
  • My heart to greater loyalty
  • My hands to larger service
  • My health to better living

For my club, my community, my country, and my world.


To make the best better


Learning by doing

thinking critically, solving problems

respecting self, others, and the environment, communicating

preparing for a career


choosing healthy lifestyles