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WA State 4-H Fair Livestock Judging Contest

Program Contact: Bridget Rohner, WSU Extension Youth Family & Community Education, Lincoln-Adams
(509) 725-4171 •

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The 2018 State Fair Livestock Judging Contest will be held on Saturday, September 15th in Puyallup. 

State Fair Schedule      State-Fair-Judging Contest Description

WA State 4-H Fair 

Lincoln-Adams Judging Contest Policies 

Judging Beef Cattle and Oral Reasons 101 (Large file) The Oral Reasons section is great information to help members explain their decisions for all species.

Judging Beef Cattle 101 (U of Idaho)

Judging Sheep and Oral Reasons 101

Judging Sheep 101 (U of Idaho)

Judging Swine and Oral Reasons 101

Judging Swine 101 (U of Idaho)

Judging Meat Goats and Oral Reasons 101

Judging Meat Goats 101 (U of Idaho)

2018 Lincoln County State Fair 4-H Livestock Contest Qualifiers

Qualification was based on the complete contest scores turned into the Davenport WSU Extension Office by July 15th. Reminder: it is the parent or leader’s responsibility to make sure the complete contest results are on file in the Davenport Extension Office for judging contests that Lincoln or (East) Adams 4-H members complete.

Information Packets will be available from Terry Connolly at the Lincoln Co. Fair. Please let Terry Connolly or Randy Williams know if that will not work for you. 

A “TEAM needs a minimum of 3 members to complete the State Fair Judging Contest. If less than 3 completed the contest – their scores will count as “individuals.”

2018 Lincoln Co. Intermediate State Fair Judging Contest Qualifiers

Name                                Going

LYDIA W.-                         Yes
NICHOLAS K.                    Yes

No Seniors Qualified for 2018



Lincoln and Adams Judging Contest Information

Representatives are eligible for qualification if they have participated in at least two qualifying judging contests during the year (beginning with the previous fall fair and ending with the spring/early summer shows). Scores will be taken from complete contest score/placement lists submitted to the Lincoln Co. WSU Extension Office. It is the responsibility of members/leaders to make sure complete contest results from contest superintendents for any 4-H Livestock Judging Contests entered, are submitted to the Lincoln-Adams WSU Extension Office by July 15th.

WSU Extension, PO Box 399, Davenport WA 99122 FAX 509-725-4104 email or WSU Extension, 205 W Main Ave., Ritzville, WA 99169  email

See individual County Judging Policies for specifics. Qualifiers are selected based on the sum of their two highest adjusted scores at any of these previous qualifying contests. In the event of a tie – the best oral reasons score is used to determine placement. General Eligibility Each County may be represented at the State Fair 4-H Livestock Judging Contest by a team of 3 to 10 seniors and/or a team of 3 to 10 Intermediates. If a county can not field a team of at least three judgers, one or two members may judge as individuals. If there are more than 8 (10) eligible Seniors or Intermediates, the additional qualifiers will be considered Alternates. Eligibility criteria were determined by 4-H Leader’s Councils in Adams and Lincoln Counties*. Qualifying Contests Representatives must participate in at least two qualifying judging contests during the year (beginning with the previous fall fair and ending with the spring/early summer shows). Qualifiers are selected based on the sum of their two highest adjusted scores at any of these qualifying contests. For Adams County 4-H’ers, qualifying contests must have had a minimum of five classes with at least one class each of beef, sheep, and swine. For Lincoln County 4-H’ers, qualifying contests must have had a minimum of three classes with at least one class each of beef, sheep, and swine. In addition, one of the contests must have had an oral reasons class.  

Livestock Judging Contest Results
Scores and rankings from the following 4-H market livestock judging contests submitted to Lincoln-Adams Extension so far for 2016 State Fair Contest qualification eligibility: 2015 Lincoln Co. Fair,  2015 Wheat Land Communities Fair, 2016 Jr. Livestock Show of Spokane.

Adams and Lincoln State Fair Judging Contest Policies 

Judging contest scores will be adjusted to a “percentage of high score basis” so that they can be compared between contests. For example, a contestant earning a score of 263 in a contest where the highest score obtained by any contestant (regardless of age) was 287 would receive an adjusted score of 91.6% (263 divided by 287). Teams for State Fair Judging will be filled in the following manner:

  1. Eight Seniors having the highest total scores (sum of the adjusted score from two highest qualifying contests) will qualify to judge at State Fair. Qualifiers may compete on teams or as individuals. Senior teams will be filled with Senior 4-H members only. (Note: State Fair now allows up to 10 member teams.)
  2. Intermediates will be selected in the same manner as Seniors. Intermediate teams will be filled with Intermediates only.
  3. Intermediate and Senior alternates will be members having the next highest total qualifying scores. 4-H members having participated in only one qualifying contest will not be eligible to be alternates.

ADAMS COUNTY Print Copy PDF Every year county 4-H members are selected to judge livestock at the State 4-H Fair in Puyallup. The following guidelines should be used in selecting livestock judging teams. Each county is eligible to send up to eight Senior livestock judging competitors and eight Intermediate competitors. Members will qualify on the basis of their highest livestock judging contest scores from any two qualifying contests held at the following:

  • Wheatland Communities Fair (previous fall)
  • Jr. Livestock Show of Spokane (current 4-H year – spring)
  • Any other official livestock judging contest held in the current spring or previous fall in which a minimum of five classes were judged with at least one class each of beef, sheep, and swine.

It will be the contestant’s responsibility to see that the official contest results are sent to the Lincoln-Adams Extension Office.  LINCOLN-ADAMS 4H/FAIR/Liv.pol 2/93 Slightly modified 7/02


1. Judging Contests – State Fair Qualifications

A. To qualify for the Lincoln County Livestock Judging Team and participate in the WA State 4-H Fair, intermediate and senior 4-H members must:

      1. Judge at a minimum of any two contests through out the year (August of previous 4-H year to July of current 4-H year) and the contests must consist of (minimum) a. One class each of beef, sheep and swine. b. One of the contests must also require oral reasons.

B. Results of the contests attended must be turned in to the WSU Extension Livestock Agent (Davenport office) by July 15 in order to be considered for State Fair qualification.

      1. It is the responsibility of the 4-H Leader to submit the scores to the extension office.

Adopted by the Lincoln County 4-H Livestock Leaders 2/13/97


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