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Record Book Tips on File Saving

Program Contact: Bridget Rohner, WSU Extension Youth Family & Community Education, Lincoln-Adams
(509) 725-4171 •

Decide WHERE you want to save a record book file and WHAT you want to name it BEFORE you download a file. Make a note of it!

If you decide to save to your Desk Top, make sure no one will accidentally delete it!

Another Option: Make a folder in My Documents and name the folder “4H Record Books.” Save your record book files to this folder.

Give each Record Book file a name. If there are two or more 4-H’ers using your computer to keep record books, make sure you include name or initials in the file names.

Examples   (2 4-H members in family)


  • 4H Record Books
    • Rcd Book-KR (for C0934 Record Book Level 2 )
    • PermRcrd-KR (for C0935 4-H Permanent Record Book)
    • HorseAddSt-KR (for C0856 Individual Horse Record)
    • Crafts-KR (for C0947 4-H Project Record – use for any project after main project)
    • Leadership-KR (for C0947 4-H Project Record)
    • Rcd Book-TR (for C0932 Record Book Level 1)
    • PermRcrd-TR (for C0933 4-H Permanent Record Book – Lvl 1)

Make a Back-up Copy!

After you have made entries in your record book files (record book, permanent record, add sheets, etc), remember to SAVE. Then do a ” save as” and save a copy to another location on your computer or (even
better) to a CD, or thumb drive!

Some of the record book files are large. Make sure you have enough room to store your copies. If you have more than 1 4-H member in the family, consider a separate back-up CD or thumb drive for each member.

Another “Back-Up” idea –  Peridically, print out pages and keep in a safe place.


Contact Karen, in the Extension Office – 659-3209