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Master Gardeners

Program Contact: Toni Gwin, Extension Educator
(360) 875-9331 •

The WSU Master Gardener program is a research-based program that provides university training to volunteers for the purpose of enabling them to serve their communities through horticulture, gardening and pest management.

gardenToday’s WSU Master Gardener volunteers continue to join Extension educators in sharing their knowledge of and enthusiasm for gardening to meet crucial needs within their local communities. WSU Master Gardener volunteers make it their mission to educate local community members in applying horticultural science to manage their landscapes and gardens in a science-based, sustainable manner. They address environmental and social priorities such as water conservation, the protection of water quality, reducing the impact of invasive species, increasing public awareness of the value of home and public landscapes and the opportunities for healthy living through gardening.

The WSU Master Gardener program is open to everyone with an interest in gardening and a willingness to use their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to make a positive impact on their local community.

Please visit the Pacific and Grays Harbor WSU Master Gardener Foundation website for more information.