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Chatcolab Program 2015

Posted by cahnrs.webteam | October 8, 2015

Forest and Logging Legacy. See how 4-H “Rocks and log Rolls!

Mike Jensen, Associate Professor, County Extension Director and 4-H Youth Development Faculty, WSU 4-H  Camps Specialist, Washington State University Extension, Pend Oreille County

You will have fun as we explore together the legacy of forestry and logging in our Pacific Northwest. We will experience, conceptually and physically, what it took to be successful in the forest and on the river drives. We will launch from the “roots” of early forestry and logging to today’s modern and high tech forestry and resource utilization systems. We will look to the future, and dream what tomorrow’s forestry and logging will bring to our local communities and economies. All activities will be focused on kids and adults ages 8 to 80!  You will learn how to replicate these learning activities back home! Biography of Presenter [75 Words or Less]:  Mike Jensen has worked in Natural Resources and Youth Development through Extension for thirty years. He has worked in Illinois, Michigan, Florida and now Washington State. He has partnered with great volunteer and Extension professionals meeting the educational and developmental needs of communities. He loves to share his passion for the out of doors, forestry, and youth development with likeminded volunteers and professionals. One of Mike’s mantras is “If We can Dream it, We can Do it!”.   May the Forest Be With You.

June 13 (Pre-lab), 13-19, 2015

Twinlow Camp & Retreat Center, Rathdrum, Idaho

This workshop builds upon the legacy of Chatcolab dating  back to 1949 when  Extension Forester Vern Burlison helped to establish the lab. American’s are losing our connection to the historical contributions of forestry and logging in the establishment of communities, their economic development, and prosperity. The 4-H Forest and Logging legacy project helps us to connect and learn from the past, experience high tech forestry and logging systems today, and plan for how we may shape the future. We will take learning to the field and provide opportunities for active participation and experiential learning of skills. You will have fun learning the following skills:

  • Seeing the forest from the trees
  • Connecting boards to trees
  • Forest Saw Safety
  • A day in the life of a logger
  • A day in the life of a forester
  • Cruising Timber
  • Fighting forest fires
  • Forest Insects & Diseases
  • Forest Management Techniques & Plans
  • Leaf Collecting
  • Importance of water
  • Panning for gold!
  • Timber harvesting tour, Dam tour
  • Forest and water games
  • …and more!

You will take these new skills home to share with others. These activities will get you moving, and  provide opportunities for parents to learn with your child by doing!  Activities will be kid friendly and age appropriate.

Experience how 4-H “Rocks” and log Rolls!

For ages 8 and over, seven and under must be accompanied by a parent!

Submitted by: Mike Jensen
Contact Information: E-mail:   Phone: 509-447-6452 (cell)
PO Box 5045, Newport WA 99156, 509-447-2401 (work)

Workshop participants will experience learning in:

  • Awareness of threatened and endangered species
  • Equipment and forest legacy resources to take back to their states.
  • Fun activities to SHARE.
  • Insights to wildlife, habitat, biodiversity
  • Knowledge about water quality, wetlands, and riparian buffers
  • Leadership skills in implementing children & youth forestry adventure programs.
  • New recreation skills and ideas the come from the legacy of the logging industry
  • Tools, gear and insight for using skills learned with family, school and community.
  • Connecting our cultural heritage and natural resources legacy to today’s modern communities.

Choosing the logging, forestry  legacy workshop is a fun way to introduce forestry, leadership, and stewardship into your groups activities. The Chatcolab program will consist of a progression of demonstrations, hands-on experiences, and exposure to best practices in forestry, logging and  timber sports,

NEW Idea:  You will experience new logging sport activity and bring a new idea home on how to use it.

  • Experience forestry in action.
  • Have fun and be active.

Following the workshop instructor will lead a debrief discussion that focuses on the key logging, forestry & legacy topics covered relative to our Chatcolab event. These open discussions allow participants to analyze the experience and apply what is learned to other situations. Each course experience is carefully designed to accommodate the group’s specific needs and goals.