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Food Safety

Program Contact: Mike Jensen, County Director
(509) 447-6452 •

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During the growing and harvesting season, you can obtain many varieties of fruits and vegetables. Home food preservation can help make fruits, vegetables and food budgets last longer.


C1117EFoodPreservationResourcesWhen canning home-preserved foods use research-based, laboratory tested, up-to-date recipes from the resources on this page and in this brochure: WSU Extension Food Preservation Resources Brochure #C1117E







 PDF  EB1490  Pack a Safe Lunch
 PDF  EB1868  Safe Food for Children
 Order  G0248  A Quick Consumer Guide to Safe Food Handling
 PDF  MISC0275  Food Safety During Your Pregnancy
 PDF  MISC0512  Now You’re Cooking…Using a Food Thermometer Recipes
 PDF  MISC0513  Now You’re Cooking…Using a Food Thermometer Brochure
 PDF  PNW0250  You Can Prevent Foodborne Illness
 PDF  PNW0539  Fresh Cheese Made Safely


 PDF  CIS0850  Controlling Stored Food Pests in the Home
 PDF  EB1205  Storing Foods at Home
 PDF  EB1326  Storing Vegetables and Fruits at Home
 PDF  PNW0612  Storing Food for Safety and Quality


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