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4-H Afterschool

Program Contact: Mike Seiber, Program Coordinator
(253) 798-3223 •


Establishing the Extraordinary
Dedicating our Head, Heart, Hands
and Health to Youth


4-H Afterschool provides positive youth development and curriculum trainings, resource kits to check-out and opportunities to collaborate on grants. We can bring in examples of curriculum and support your use of it.  Our process is very collaborative and works to create trainings and support geared to your program’s needs. Nationally, 4-H Afterschool is in every U.S. county and engages more than seven million youth. Afterschool programs everywhere benefit from 4-H’s unmatched experience, vast resources, and wide range of expertise. Give us a call to find out more.

Research shows students in quality afterschool programs have better academic performance, behavior, school attendance, and greater expectations for the future (U.S. Departments of Education and Justice). Recently, WSU 4-H and School’s Out Washington conducted focus groups in Tacoma with parents and youth. The results revealed the strong need for afterschool activities in which youth learn social and life skills in fun, engaging, non-traditional methods.

4-H specializes in providing professional development and curriculum workshops to achieve quality afterschool programs. This system assures staff is well trained, uses experiential education principles in programming, and in certain training have the materials, through a kit, to start delivering the program immediately. Workshop design includes experiential, hands-on learning, integrating life skills, reflecting on what is learned, and how to use those skills in other areas.

For information or to schedule a workshop contact:

Dan White, Pierce County 4-H Program Coordinator or (253) 798-3258