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Addressing Poverty

The Poverty Immersion – A Virtual Experience of Life on the Edge

Could you deal with the day-to-day realities of living a life in poverty? Understand what life is like on a limited income through a unique 3-hour workshop facilitated by WSU Extension. The Poverty Immersion is designed to help professionals, policy makers, community leaders and volunteers better serve people in poverty.

A Poverty Immersion can be used effectively for:

  • Professional Development – build capacity by strengthening employees’ customer service and decision making skills.
  • Strategic Planning  – facilitate organization planning and policy development to better serve people in poverty.
  • Community Development – build greater awareness of poverty in your community to create a foundation for change.

During a Poverty Immersion, 50 to 100 attendees virtually experience poverty when they assume the role of a low-income family member living on a limited budget. Although it uses play money and fictional scenarios, the Poverty Immersion is a role play – not a game. It is a powerful experience that takes only three hours but makes a lasting impact.

To hold a Poverty Immersion for your organization, workplace or community contact Martha Aitken, Senior Associate for Urban Extension, at

Download the flyer: WSU Poverty Immersion.

To learn more about the Poverty Immersion, listen the Marketplace story on National Public Radio: Pretending to be Poor Can Change Your Perspective.

For more information, please visit: