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Engaging Youth Meetings Seminar

Engaging Youth Meetings Pre Class Survey


Section 1: Youth Meeting Online Seminar Covid-19 Edition

This is a series of 5 online courses to prepare to help you create Engaging Youth Meetings

Section 2: Engaging and Effective Youth Meetings

Strategies to do these meetings online will be covered in Section 4

Section 3: Challenge Yourself, Adapting Online Meetings for Students with Disabilities

Practical tips to accommodate and modify your club and project meetings for students with disabilities.

Section 4: Online Strategies during Social Distancing Restrictions

Even though 4-H clubs and project meetings are now in a distance format, there are still many ways to create engaging interactive meetings.

Section 5: Online Tools for Running Engaging Youth Meetings

This section is a series of videos and information that demonstrates different common Applications and Tools you may want to try.


Engaging Youth Meeting Post Survey


For more information on this seminar series contact Cindy Brandt or Brian Brandt