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Pierce County Fair Spring Showcase

Purpose of the Virtual Spring Showcase

The purpose of the Virtual Spring Showcase is to give our 4-H members and the Pierce County community the opportunity to show what they have been working on this year.  Most Still Life classes are open to 4-H members and youth and adult Pierce County residents wanting to show exhibits.  The Spring Showcase offers classes in the Creative Arts, Home Arts, S.T.E.M., Environmental Stewardship, 4-H Posters, and Animal Science.  Exhibitors will be awarded virtual ribbons, and in most case will receive feedback from judges.  Exhibitors entering 5 or more exhibits will receive a special double flat participation ribbon which will be mailed to exhibitors after the showcase.  In most cases, exhibits entered in the Spring Showcase may also be entered in the Pierce County Fair in August.

Process for Entering Exhibits

Entering Exhibits in the Pierce County Fair Spring Showcase will be different than entering at the county or state fair.  Still life entries need to be photographed and uploaded to FairEntry.  Photos can be uploaded from a computer, tablet, or smart phone.  Animal classes will require either photos or a video link to be uploaded. The Virtual Spring Showcase Guide will let you know how many pictures you will need to upload.  Make sure that you show your art work in the best views to show the judges the details they need to best judge your work.

Once you have all of your photos and documents ready to enter go to FairEntry.  Members of 4-H will use the green “Sign in with 4HOnline” button.  Open Class participants will need to create a free FairEntry account.  FairEntry will open on May 1.


What can I Enter?

Still life exhibits can be entered by all members of the Pierce County Community.  4-H Project enrollment will not be checked for still life classes.  Animals will need to added to 4HOnline before May 1st for animal classes.

Please read the Virtual Spring Showcase before entering exhibits into FairEntry!


2022 Spring Showcase Still Life Guide

2022 Spring Showcase Animal Guide


Support Documents

Washington State 4-H Animal Exhibits Tools for Success (disregard Entry information)

4-H Horse Showcase Support Page

Creative Arts

Creative Arts Scorecard
Expressive Arts Manual
Expressive Arts – Color
Expressive Arts – Form
Expressive Arts – Lines
Expressive Arts – Shapes
Expressive Arts – Texture

Home Arts

Clothing Exhibit Scorecard
Needlework Exhibit Scorecard Knitting and crocheting
Needlework Skills Checklist
Sewing Skills Checklist
Table Setting Activity Guide
Table Setting Scorecard


Poster Information Form
Poster Judging guidelines
Poster Scorecard


Digital Photo Scorecard
Photo Scorecard

Public Presentation

Public Presentation Leader Guide
Public Presentation Score Card
Public Speaking Member Manual
Public Speaking Scorecard