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WSU MG Branding

Marketing and Presentation Materials


WSU Master Gardener Branding Guidelines


Social Media Icons

Program Priorities Poster

This poster/flyer/graphic can and should be used in a variety of ways. Use it to inform our internal audiences-WSU Extension Master Gardener volunteers, County directors, 4-H faculty and staff, Snap-Ed faculty and staff, etc., about who we are and what we do. It should also be used to tell our external audiences – County Commissioners, funding partners, plant clinic clients, speakers’ bureau students, etc. – about who we are and what we do. Use it on websites, in PPT’s, etc.

Program Priority Icons

The icons in the poster that represent our ten program priority areas and should be used individually or together. Put them on course
handouts to show a connection to one or more priority areas. Use them on websites to tie a project to a priority area. Use them in Zoom backgrounds to indicate the focus of a talk. Use them in PPT’s to show students a connection between what is being taught to why it is being taught, why it matters to the backyard gardener.