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Conference Agenda

Tuesday, October 27

Track 1.1: Nexus of Soil Quality and Water Quality

Session Chair: Joe Harrison

Full session video. Individual presentations are linked to the presentation title.

8:30 AMUnlocking the Secrets to Soil HealthCory Owens
8:50 AMNexus of Soil Health and Water QualityAnn Marcelle Lewandowski
9:10 AMNRCS 808 Soil Carbon Amendment StandardBrandon Smith
9:30 AMThe Challenges of Managing NitrogenDan Sullivan
9:50 AMBreak
10:10 AMThe Challenges of Managing PhosphorusAmy Shober
10:30 AMSoil Health Practices in California Almonds: Estimates of Economic and Environmental Outcomes from Two OrchardsPaul Lum

Wednesday, October 28

Thursday, October 29

Track 3.3: Food Safety

Session Chair: Joe Harrison
Full session video. Individual presentations are linked to the presentation title.
8:30 AMProduce Safety Rule: Exploring Relationships between Food Safety and Soil HealthDavid Ingram
8:50 AMPersistence of Pathogens in Soil and Surveillance of Pathogens in WaterManan Sharma
9:10 AMSalmonella in Poultry Litter and Food SafetyLaurel Dunn
9:30 AMPost Harvest Use of SanitizersKeith Schneider
9:50 AMFactors Affecting Prediction of Pathogen HotspotsLaura Strawn
10:10 AMBreak
10:30 AMFood SafetyMichele T Jay-Russell
10:50 AMSafely Utilizing Animal Manure and Compost on Small Produce Farms: A Montana PerspectiveTommy Bass, Andrea Sarchet
11:10 AMElectrochemical Disinfection of Irrigation Water using a Flow CellGeletu Qing

1:30 – 3:30 PM (PST)

Video Case Studies

Full session video. Individual presentations are linked to the presentation title.
Anaerobic Digesters in Utah Smithfield Foods has recently installed anaerobic digesters at their swine production facility in Milford, UT. This operation converts the methane produced to a renewable natural gas.
Improving Organic Grazing SystemsView the work being conducted by several scientists at the Utah State University Intermountain Irrigated Pasture Research facility to improve organic dairy grazing systems. Research examines the use of grass-legume mixtures and their impact on rates of gain, nutrient cycling, reproduction, and economic returns.
Alternative Management Strategies for Land Receiving Manure and Lagoon Water in IdahoThe purpose of this video is to highlight the potential ways that cropping system management can help overcome nutrient management challenges faced by dairymen in southern Idaho. The video features an environmental consultant and a dairyman discussing cropping rotations and management strategies that can reduce soil nutrient accumulations by manure and lagoon water application.
Use of centrifuges for dairy manure solid-liquid separationThis video showcases the use of centrifuge technology for secondary solid-liquid separation on two Idaho dairies.
Ammonia and odor reduction while retaining nutrients, a dairy producer experience in IdahoThis video describes a southern Idaho dairy farmer's technology use, including dairy slurried manure application using a drag hose and subsurface injection system. It also highlights a pilot zeolite filter trial at his farm that resulted in significant ammonia and odors emission reduction from a dairy flush pit.
Increasing Cover Crop Diversity during Post Harvest Season: A Case Study in OSC-HARECThis video summarizes the use of cover crops in multiple cropping systems in Oregon.
Making a Nutrient Cycling Connection between the Dairy and Berry Farmers in Washington StateBerry growers in Whatcom County are finding that dairy manure is a good source of nutrients for production of raspberries.
Use of dairy compost on Eastern Washington Vegetable and Fruit CropsVegetable and fruit producers in Eastern Washington are finding that composted dairy manure is an excellent source of nutrients for their crops.

Accessibility Accommodations

These video recordings have auto-generated captions available. If you need more optimal captions to participate in these recorded videos, please contact Joe Harrison, 253-445-4638. Allow at least 5-10 business days for optimal captions to be available.