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Project Agreements:  2019 Coming soon, check with your club leader.


4honline Enrollment

Returning Families Re-Enrollment Guide

WSU State 4-H Program Policy

Policy Guide

Judging Contest Resources

Instructions for Computing Judging Scores in Excel

Excel Judging Scoring Template – download and save

Judges Results Cards

Junior Judging Scorecards
Intermediate Judging Scorecards
Senior Juding Scorecards

Educational Displays (Posters)

Guidelines for education displays. This is a great resource for leaders teaching poster and older members.

Washington 4-H Projects and Publications

Click here for the Washington 4-H Projects and Publications website. It’s organized by project, so you can quickly see what curriculum is available for your project. Then check the links below to see if the curriculum is available at the Skagit County office.

To order 4-H curriculum directly from WSU Publications, click here.

Use the search box on the website to find the publication you want.
Search using the item number or description.

Skagit County Curriculum

Below is a list of curriculum and publications made specifically for Skagit County 4-H.

Cavy – Project Guide CoverUnit 1 / Primary & JuniorUnit 2 / IntermediateUnit 3 / Senior

Rabbit – Stuff to know for County Fair


Cat Questions:
cat Unit 1 Question 1
cat unit 1 Question 2
cat unit 1 Question 3
cat unit 1 Question 4
cat unit 1 Question 5

cat unit 2 Question 1
cat unit 2 Question 2
cat unit 2 Question 3
cat unit 2 Question 4
cat unit 2 Question 5

cat unit 3 Question 1
cat unit 3 Question 2
cat unit 3 Question 3
cat unit 3 Question 4
cat unit 3 Question 5