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What’s Happening at SNAP-Ed

Program Contact: Diane Smith, Faculty, Food Access Specialist
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Give the kiddos a little challenge next time you’re heading to the grocery store with the Grocery Store Treasure Hunt! A great way for them to help you with he shopping – and for them to learn little something too!


Test your fruit knowledge with this new Fruit Quiz!


Summer is upon us, with sunnier and water days comes picnics, outdoor swimming, BBQs and some good ‘ol outdoor fun! Let’s Move Campaign has great ideas for the whole family to get out and get active in these gorgeous summer days to come!

Our latest video project: The New (Ab)Normal depicted from the Make Health Easier CDC campaign.

Get a fun, yet educational, visual of how portion sizes have changed throughout the decades, why they’ve changed, and what we can do to limit reduce the effects of these changes.


Busy Day? Busy Week? No time to cook a good wholesome meal?….So you think. Check out the post below for tips and great recipes for making some great tasting and wholesome filling foods the whole family will enjoy straight from your MICROWAVE!

Microwave Cooking Tips and Recipes


Think you know your Fruit Groups?! Take the quiz and see how you do


Latest Videos:

Our latest video is here! Confetti Salad – common ingredients, easy to make and great for whole family! Spring flavors all in one bowl!

Don’t forget to check out our Skillet Cabbage, Onion and Apples – a great tasting recipe just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

More easy recipes for you and your family! Check out the latest Easy Skillet Granola video on YouTube. A great and quick breakfast for you and the kiddos! For the full recipe, check out our  Food $ense Recipes page.

Get an idea of how Food $ense is supporting the Skagit Community with our Nourishing Our Community video.

Food $ense has been working hard to influence farm fresh foods being used in the Skagit Community’s schools. Watch our Farm-To-School video for a look into our efforts being done.

Check out ChopChop’s latest accomplishments of creating fun with food for our youngsters!

Kids Healthy Cooking Class and The Cooking Club


Healthy eating tips for the season:

It has been quite the season with El Nino in the region on top of the typical Pacific Northwest winter with our overcast skies and the relentless rain, combined with cooler temperatures this yields less activity outdoors. So what? This combination of situations is only a few reasons for significant deficiencies in Vitamin D.

Vitamin D has been linked to bone health and growth, especially in growing kids, immune health, and even mental health. The best source of Vitamin D is the Sun, believe it or not. Unfortunately, our weather conditions, positioning from the Sun in the winter time, as well as our jobs keeping most of us indoors all day, makes it very difficult to get the Vitamin D necessary.

Here we’re providing some sources that could help alleviate the deficiency most of us experience during the winter time:

  • Fortified milk and orange juice
  • Fortified grains and breakfast cereals
  • Mushrooms, especially shiitakes – Always cook your mushrooms!
  • The Sun – get out when you can!
  • Eggs, especially the yolk part. The yolk of eggs is loaded with important nutrients!
  • Other dairy products like yogurt and kefir
  • Salmon, Trout, Mackerel
  • Canned tuna and Sardines
  • Beef liver – yep!
  • Of course supplements: Vitamin D supplements and Cod Liver Oil supplements. ALWAYS talk to your doctor first before adding any supplements to your regimen. They could possibly react with current medications or cause toxicity if you are not deficient.

Along with the season of glistening snow, joy, warmth from spending time with family and friends also comes the downfall of more exposure to illnesses. It’s cold and flu season and a lot of people are turning to Vitamin C supplements to combat the common cold and boost their immune systems against these body invaders. Instead of spending more money for Vitamin C in pill form, we are lucky enough to live in an area that has a grand abundance of the important vitamin in our backyard – winter squash!

Most of us are aware of oranges and strawberries being packed full of the stuff; however, we often forget about our winter specific sources. When it starts getting colder and winter is upon us, of course fruits start to go out of season and the warmer, hardier “fruits” we know as winter squash start springing up everywhere for our picking.

The local farmers markets, food banks, and grocery stores can’t seem to get rid of them fast enough! These large babies are ideal for getting all the Vitamin C you need to get you through the winter without the hint or a sniffle or sneeze! Check out our recipes and videos on ideas on how to harvest all the great nutrients, not just Vitamin C, from these hearty fruits!


Curious About What We Bring to the Classroom? Here is a sample with our Donny and Lizzy Boards:

Lizzy Board
Donny Board
Donny Board













Lizzy Board Nutrient Contents
Lizzy Board Nutrient Contents
Donny Board Nutrient Contensts
Donny Board Nutrient Contents













The kids, and even adults, love this simple example of how fruits and vegetables work to keep us looking and more importantly feeling healthy. The Donny and Lizzy Boards display which fruits and vegetables work their magic where, and how to keep these areas of our bodies in tip-top shape!
We often take these boards into the classroom as well as to conferences and educational meetings to give all participants a sense of just how important fruits and vegetables are for us!
Stay tuned for more upcoming News and Events!
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