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Program Contact: Alex duPont, Master Gardener Program Coordinator
360-395-2368 •

Discovery in Gardening is Terrific!

WSU Master Gardener Youth Education Program

The Discovery In Gardening- Is Terrific (DIG-IT!) program is designed to bring second and third grade students to the WSU Discovery Garden in the fall and/or spring to work with WSU Master Gardeners. Teachers participating in the program agree to teach five preparatory lessons in the classroom with curriculum and appropriate materials developed by WSU Master Gardeners.

Parents/supporting adults are an integral part of the Field Trip process and receive training, prior to working with WSU Master Gardeners and the children in small groups in the garden. Well-planned activities, student involvement and individual attention are ensured because of the low student-to-adult ratio (5:1).

The three-hour Field Trip has students at six Learning Stations:

  • Planting and Composting in home gardens and commercial agriculture
  • Tools and modifications for exceptional individuals as well as for farming in Skagit County
  • Art/Plant Dyes and Chalk Art
  • Animal Tracks

Time is allotted for lunch and a silent art activity.


For more information about DIG-IT!, contact the WSU Skagit County Extension office at (360) 428-4270.

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School Education (DIG-IT!): WSU Master Gardeners work with teachers and students in the local classrooms. After the curriculum is incorporated into their lessons at school, the students come to the garden for a day of learning and planting.