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Become a Master Gardener

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Become a WSU Snohomish County Extension Master Gardener

Join over 350 WSU-Snohomish County Extension Master Gardener volunteers in teaching good gardening and environmental stewardship practices to county residents while at the same time learning and and having fun working with other like-minded volunteers.

Training focuses on familiarization and learning how to use resources to research, educate, mentor, and answer horticulture questions for the general public in a collaborative environment. With that in mind, all quizzes and exams are open book and can be re-taken. No memorization is required.

The WSU Master Gardener program grew out of the need for Washington State County Extension agents to respond to the growing interest in home gardening over 45 years ago. Last year Snohomish County Master Gardeners donated over 30,000 hours of volunteer time, including training a new class of 45 volunteers, which is done annually each winter.

Training involves approximately 80 hours of classroom and workshop instruction held once a week every Thursday, January through March. Classes are held at the Extension Education Center at 600 – 128th Street in South Everett from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Homework, including all quizzes and the final exam, is done through the WSU Master Gardener Online Training Program using your home computer and averages 4-6 hours a week during training.

Tuition for this extensive training program is expected to remain $275 for 2019 plus a minimum volunteer commitment of 40 hours each year for two years working on designated MG projects. Applications for the 2019 MG Training Class will be available later this year.

Cost of the training without the volunteer commitment is expected to remain $775 in 2019 for a limited number of full-tuition students, which are usually, but not limited to, horticultural professionals who don’t have the time for volunteering. Full-tuition applications are available on the Horticulture Professionals page.

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Or contact:
Howard Voland, Master Gardener Program Coordinator

Washington State University