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Washington State University

Puget Sound Energy Powerful Partner

Program Contact: Patricia Townsend, Ph.D., Natural Resources Programs Director
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WSU Snohomish County Extension

+ Puget Sound Energy

= Powerful Partnership!


WSU Snohomish County Extension’s Natural Resources Program is thrilled to be one of the 2021 sponsor recipients!


The next step toward a clean energy future

Waterfall and river with treesPuget Sound Energy knows its customers care about the environment. That’s why PSE aspires to equitably and sustainably reach beyond net zero carbon emissions by 2045.

PSE is not only aiming to slow climate change but to help the families and businesses its serves to reach zero carbon emissions as well. To learn more visit,


Safety tips from PSE

person on ladder checking house guttersStay clear of overhead power lines

It’s the season for pruning, painting and other activities that bring ladders and tools close to overhead power lines—dangerously close, if you’re not careful.

When working near overhead lines, be mindful of how you’re carrying ladders, and keep them, yourself and your tools at least 10 feet away from the line—more if the line is anything other than the line from a pole to your house.


Beware of scams

Senior woman on the telephone looking concerned

PSE reminds customers to stay informed and protect themselves from fraud. Scammers can be threatening and clever in using new, deceptive tactics.

What do to about scams:

  • PSE never asks or requires customers who have delinquent accounts to purchase a prepaid debit card to avoid disconnection
  • PSE customers receive several communications related to bill payment before any disruption in service.
  • When it comes to bill payment calls, PSE’s vendors DO NOT call after noon on Saturdays and do not make any calls on Sundays; any calls during those periods are red flags.

Learn how to protect yourself from potential scams, visit

¿Hablo Español? View PSE’s website en Español


2018 Powerful Partnership Scholarship Awarded! 

Scott Harder (center), Puget Sound Energy Customer Outreach, presents Chrys Bertolotto (left), WSU Snohomish County Extension’s Natural Resources Outreach Programs Manager, and Heather Teegarden (right), Natural Resources Outreach Program Coordinator, with their Powerful Partnership Scholarship from PSE.

Thanks PSE for your support of WSU Snohomish County Extension’s Sustainable Community Stewardship program!

More information about Puget Sound Energy:

Puget Sound Energy is proud to serve it’s neighbors and communities in 10 Washington counties. PSE is the state’s largest utility, supporting 1.1 million electric customers and 800,000 natural gas customers. For more information about PSE and what they do, visit Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

View Puget Sound Energy’s website in another language.