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Latino Engagement Mission

Program Contact: Lola Castruita, Latino Natural Resource Projects Coordinator, Sirviendo a Nuestra Comunidad
(425) 357-6029 •

WSU Snohomish County Extension Natural Resources is proud to expand cultural diversity in our programs by offering educational and volunteer opportunities for Spanish speakers through the Promotores del Medio Ambiente (Ambassadors for the Environment) program.

The mission of the Promotores del Medio Ambiente Program:

to train volunteers capable of educate Latino families and communities on how to conserve our natural environment, so that everyone, including the future generations, can enjoy of a clean, healthy and safe world.

We train Promotores on an array of educational topics, including energy literacy, waste reduction, household hazardous materials, green cleaning alternatives, climate change and sustainability. We continue to expand our educational and volunteer opportunities as funding becomes available.

HISTORY: In 2014, our Natural Resource team conducted Latino audience research with Snohomish County Latinos to learn their perceptions about the environment. Much learning came from such research, including understanding their values towards nature, the things that motivate them to take environmental action and ways to communicate with them. You can read the outcomes of our research in this report.

Since then, we have tested various outreach strategies and developed a model that has worked for us (see Steps to Engage Latino Audiences below). We have also created a WSU Extension presence within the Latino community in Snohomish County through partnerships with local Latino leaders and organizations, and even more so, through the Promotores themselves.

Steps to Engage Latino Audiences

To discuss potential partnership opportunities or to request work from Promotores, please contact Lola Castruita.

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