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Beginning March 12, 2022, face masks are no longer required in our facility.  Please feel free to wear a mask if you are more comfortable doing so.

4-H Logos

4-H Logo User Guide (scroll to page 14 for key info on using 4-H emblems)

**Remember, any time you are designing anything that will be seen by the public (such as banners, advertisements for programs/fund raisers, etc.), please share your draft with Kate McCloskey (; cell 509-979-9118) or Gary Varrella (; cell 509-435-3369) before you print it, order it, etc. We will quickly help you with design issues to be sure that you conform to general 4-H and WSU standards for marketing 4-H in any format.




Green Clover PNG


Green 4-H Clover JPEG
Green 4-H Clover PNG
Black Clover PNG


B/W 4-H Clover JPEG
B/W 4-H Clover PNG
White w Black Outline JPEG


White W/ Black Outline 4-H Clover JPEG
White W/ Black Outline 4-H Clover PNG
White W/ Green Outline 4-H Clover PNG


WSU 4-H Logo


4-H WSU EXTENSION LOGO (white background)