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Face masks are no longer required in our facility. Please feel free to wear a mask if you are more comfortable doing so.


Questions for Fitting and Showing

Junior 4-H Questions

  • What is the sex of your pig?
  • What do you call the opposite sex?
  • What is the breed of your pig?
  • Name another breed of swine?
  • What vaccinations has your pig received?
  • What wormer has your pig received and how was it administered?
  • Name body parts of swine
  • Name wholesale cuts of pork.
  • What is average daily gain (ADG)?
  • What is the ADG of your pig?
  • What has your pig been eating?
  • How much do you feed it per day? (I try to get them to answer in pounds)
  • What percentage protein is in your feed?
  • What is a subcutaneous (s.c., SubQ) injection and where do you give it?
  • What is an intramuscular (IM) injection and where do you give it?
  • What is the meaning of withdrawal time for a drug?
  • In the Junior Finals, some Intermediate/Senior 4-H/FFA Questions may be used to break ties

Intermediate/Senior 4-H/FFA Questions

  • Any of the Junior 4-H Questions Plus:
  • What do you call an intact male pig?
  • What are female swine called?
  • Name 5 key nutrients.
  • What is a normal body temperature for swine?
  • What is gestation length in swine?
  • What is the estrus cycle length?
  • How many boars would you need to breed 100 sows?
  • Name three white breeds of swine.
  • Name three colored breeds of swine.
  • Is it legal to feed animal protein by-products to swine?
  • What is B.S.E.?
  • What is T.S.E.?
  • What is a normal birth weight for a pig?
  • What would be an average life expectancy for a cow?
  • How many stomachs does a pig have?
  • Name two grains.
  • Can you safely feed sheep feed to your pig? Why or why not?
  • Can you safely feed beef feed to your pig? Why or why not?
  • Name one vitamin and one mineral contained in your swine feed.
  • What do you like or dislike about this pig?
  • If you could improve your pig what part or attribute would you change?
  • How did you prepare your pig for the show?
  • Define Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship
  • Name one (or more) swine disease and tell me what you know about it?
  • What is the significance of hoof and mouth disease?
  • What is a prolapse? Symptoms? How to treat? (There is more than one type)
  • What is coccidiosis? Symptoms? How to treat?
  • What is mastitis? Symptoms? How to treat?
  • What is TGE? Symptoms? How to treat?
  • What is E. Coli scours? Symptoms? How to treat?
  • What is pneumonia? Symptoms? How to treat?
  • What is white muscle disease? Symptoms? How to treat?
  • What are the USDA Pork Carcass Grades?
  • What factor(s) is (are) used to determine USDA Pork Carcass Grade?
  • What is the USDA Grade of your pig (or that pig)?
  • What is the ideal commercial market weight (or fat thickness or loineye area)?
  • What is PSE Pork?
  • What is PSS?
  • What is the Napole gene?
  • What is PayLean?
  • What are the five primal cuts of pork?
  • What is an EPD?

Other Skillathon type questions:

  • Protein requirements of pigs of various ages
  • Identify retail cuts
  • Roast (Usually at least 2 inches thick) versus steak or slice (usually ¾ to 1 inch thick)
  • Ham (leg) cuts, loin cuts, shoulder cuts, belly (bacon), spareribs
  • Identify various parasites such as round worms, tape worms, lice, flies
  • Identify feedstuffs such as molasses (smell it), soybean meal, corn, wheat, oats, barley, peas, limestone (its ground up rock with no smell), meat and bone meal (smell it).
  • Identify swine equipment.

Prepared by: Dr. Jan R. Busboom, Extension Meat Specialist, Washington State University, Revised May 10, 2006