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Coronavirus COVID-19

COVID-19 Advisory: WSU Extension is working to keep our communities safe. All Extension programming is being provided virtually, postponed, or canceled. Effective March 16, 2020, WSU Extension county offices and WSU Research & Extension Centers will be closed to the public. We are available via email, phone, and webconference.

Small Animal Project News and Shows

Information for Clubs

Washington State Community Pride Award.
One of our Clubs…the “CultivatingCommunity 4-H Club”…which inlcudes a majority of youth from our Slavic Community won the Washington State Community Pride Award. Their award winning program started as a gardening project connecting very “Americanized” Slavic youth with their “Old County” grandparents who, though living in Spokane, hold to their primary cultural heritage brought with them from the Ukraine and Russia. The connections that grew during the 2007 year as the youth and seniors worked in the gardens resulted in a marvelous “Harvest Festival” last fall. Three of the club members and the primary leader, Tatyana Bistrevsky are part of our KYG delegation. This is a convenient coincidence, since the award is officially granted at the KYG Legislative Breakfast! This is the first time that a Spokane County 4-H Club has won the state award. Congratulations to the Cultivating Community
4-H Club!

Toxic Blue Green Algae
In case you see this from another group, I wanted to give some more local information. Here is a brochure published by the Washington State Dept of Health on this problem: King County health dept monitors Lakes Washington, Sammamish and Union for this bacteria. There was a major bloom on Lake Sammamish in 1997 and one in 2004 on a lake in Kitsap County. It sounds like local health departments look for this, but I would be particularly wary of smaller lakes in particular.

What is 4-H Pet Pals?
4-H PetPALS is an intergenerational program linking young people and their pets with senior adults. 4-H volunteers teach youth the skills needed to interact with residents in healthcare facilities, such as assisted living facilities and nursing home facilities, enhancing intergenerational relationships. Youth learn about the physical changes associated with aging, as well as medical conditions they may encounter while visiting. Applying the power of the human-animal bond, youths learn to train and prepare their pets so the youth-pet teams can participate in animal assisted activities. Young people learn about animal behavior, animal handling techniques and proper pet care.If you would like to be a part of this worthy project, please contact Amy at 447-2166 or She will keep you up-to-date on plans for this project to begin in Spokane County.

Simple Act of Resiliciency
A simple activity for your club or project meeting, created by Susan Kerr from Klickitat County. Every time there’s a ball display in a store it seems to be a magnet for kids. One of the youth in your club could lead this activity – the instructions are well written. Have fun!
Click here for the instruction page.

Source of 4-H Information Nationally
The National 4-H newsletter is now a blog and available to all – take a moment to subscribe yourself to Clover Corner News, 4-H’s national online newsletter at

A message about Pandemic & Avian (Bird) Influenza from the Regional Health District
If you have watched the news lately, you know that nations worldwide are becoming alarmed at the spread of avian influenza and its link to recent human deaths in Asia, Turkey and Iraq. If the avian influenza virus mutates to spread easily from human to human, we would likely experience an influenza pandemic; all sectors of our Spokane community would be affected. These concerns have led health officials to recommend that all communities begin planning in order to minimize the impact. The Spokane Regional Health District takes our responsibility to protect the health of the citizens of Spokane County very seriously. Organizationally, we have been preparing for several months. We need your involvement in readying yourself and your family now for the possibility of an influenza pandemic or other health emergencies. Our pandemic influenza preparedness team at the Health District has developed a web site to help our community begin to understand and plan for the issues we would face if pandemic influenza strikes. Please visit the web site at . Thank you for helping to protect Spokane by learning all that you can about pandemic influenza and emergency preparedness.