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Coronavirus COVID-19

We are open to clients. If you plan to visit our facility and are not fully vaccinated, we ask that you wear a face covering and maintain appropriate distance. (You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the final vaccine in the series.)

Volunteer Hours

Submit Volunteer Hours

Volunteer Reporting Instructions

How to report your volunteer hours:

  • The password is “password!”
  • The login is your email address. Try everything before the at symbol 1st, if that does not work, then enter your whole email address.
  • If you have problems email or call…
    • Bob Kestell 477-2160 (
    • Jennifer Fees 477-2199 (
    • Kate McCloskey 477-2165 (
    • Gary Varrella 477-2163 or 435-3369 (
  • Remember that the 2016 calendar is archived and one click away on the first page, if you need to refresh your memory about major events, contests, etc.