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Coronavirus COVID-19

We are open to clients. If you plan to visit our facility, we ask that you wear a face covering and maintain appropriate distance.

Food Safety Information

Program Contact: Anna Kestell, Food Preservation/Safety Education Coordinator
(509) 477-2195 •

It is important to keep raw meat away from other food. Tips to avoid cross contamination:

  • Wash hands after handling raw
  • Wash and sanitize all food-contact surfaces that touch raw
  • Prepare raw meat in an area away from other
  • Use a separate cutting board for raw
  • Store raw meat below other foods in the refrigerator and
  • Store meat with a higher cooking temperature (like chicken) below meat with a lower cooking temperature (like fish).


Safe Minimum Internal Temperature Chart


Food Recall Information

National Center for Home Food Preservation

USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service

Centers for Disease Control

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