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Working Ranch Horse Materials

4-H Working Ranch Horse Program

WRH is a non-competitive horse program that emphasis the importance of horsemanship, ranch roping, low stress sorting, equine and bovine science, the cattle industry and of course positive youth development. Youth and adults engaged their passion for horses through hands on learning, leadership and enjoying the ranch lifestyle as the navigate through 4 levels of proficiency.

What is the checklist?

The WRH Program is an advancement checklist program that has 4 levels. The levels enable the youth to show mastery in the several areas that are key to the program. The committee has thought of some amazing items to recognize the youth at each level. Throughout the year youth are welcome to attend the various WRH educational clinics to help them learn more about the program plus give them the instruction and the tools to successfully master each level. For example:
Cattle Pregnant Testing (Fall)
Bovine Reproduction (Spring)
Spring Calving (Spring)
Horsemanship #1 & #2 (Spring and Summer)
WRH Teen Camp and WRH Camp (Summer)
Youth can only be checked off by a designated committee member at a checkoff event. The purposes of the checkoff dates are to allow the youth and their horses to demonstrate their knowledge of a particular subject area. Dates are posted on the calendar of events.

How to learn more?

The Working Ranch Horse committee is made up of 4-H volunteers, adults and youth who attend our monthly meetings (4th Monday at 6pm at the WSU Spokane County Extension Office 222 N. Havana St. Spokane WA. We have a large portion of youth that attend each monthly meeting to give the “kids perspective.” These meetings are welcome to all and new members are needed and are encouraged to attend. Or email or call at or 509-477-2165.