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Volunteer Background Checks

Spokane County 4-H has adopted a new background check method beginning the 2018-2019 year.

Fill out your background check request here:

Spokane County 4-H Verified Volunteers


FAQs About Verified Volunteers

Which browser should I use to access the web portal?
Some browsers will not work properly with the Verified Volunteers website. For the best possible viewing experience, please use Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) or later or the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Why do I need a username and password?
When a volunteer gets screened through Verified Volunteers, they are actually joining the Verified Volunteers community. That means they can re-enter the platform at any time, check the status of their background check, view the background check report itself, share with new organizations, and more. Without a username and password, this type of access and control would not be possible.

It says it costs $14. Will this charge me?
No, the $14 is charged to Spokane County 4-H. It is free to you to fill out the form.

What is a “GOOD DEED Code”?
A GOOD DEED Code is a code provided to the volunteer by some prospective
volunteer organizations to initiate a background check. If you are asked for a Good Deed code, it means that your connection to your organization’s account has been broken – simply return to the original email or link provided to you and begin the process again. You will know you have the right spot when you see Thales’ logo on the landing page!

Who are the Advocates?
The Advocates are the Verified Volunteers customer care team. They are available via phone and email to all Verified Volunteers community members – volunteers and organizations – and can help with platform-usage questions and general inquiries. They can be reached at or 855-326- 1860 Option 1.

How do I receive/change my username?
You cannot change your username within our system. If you forgot your username, please call The Advocates so that they can verify your identity. Please call or 855-326-1860, Option 1.

What do I do if I forgot my password?
If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Password link on the login screen. Simply enter your username on the Forgot Password screen and we will send an email with a temporary password to your email address.

Do you sell my information to 3rd parties?
We will not share your Personal Information with third party marketers for direct marketing purposes. We use and may share the information to provide and improve the Site and the Services; deliver correspondence, communications, or services, such as newsletters, events or training; solicit your feedback, and inform you about the Site and the Services, our products and services and the products and services of our promotional partners.

Why does it mention “credit” in the consent and disclosures step 3 of my background check?
Criminal background is considered Consumer Data and is regulated by a federal law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act. That law requires that very specific blanket disclosures be provide to you before you consent access to your consumer data. Spokane County 4-H is not accessing any credit data related to your financial history and this report will not appear as a credit inquiry to the reporting agencies.

I have questions on my report. Who should I call?
Call The Advocates at 1-855-326-1860 Option 1. We are here to help.