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Coronavirus COVID-19

COVID-19 Advisory: WSU Extension is working to keep our communities safe. All Extension programming is being conducted consistent with the latest official state guidance. WSU Extension county offices and WSU Research & Extension Centers are following protocols for vaccination, masking, distancing and hygiene. If this office is not open to the public, we are available during normal business hours via email, phone, and web conference.

Counseling Services- Stevens County

Posted by a.thompson | August 13, 2019


If Red Cross is unable to provide services for any reason, a crisis line has been made  available 24‐hours per day; 7‐days per week at 1‐888‐380‐6823 (For Stevens County).   Although this line is answered by a vendor in Missouri, if you tell them that you need to  speak with the “Designated Mental Health Professional” (DMHP) for Stevens County,  they will put you in contact with whomever we have “on‐call” at that time. If anyone  else calls (private citizen) just needing to talk to a “crisis counselor,” the crisis line staff  can initially manage/triage the call.  They will, however, access our DMHPs if/when they  believe the caller needs face‐to‐face assessment/intervention.

During office hours, you can reach us at:     Colville: 509‐684‐4597     Chewelah: 509‐935‐4808

If all else fails after hours, contact Stevens County Dispatch and tell them you need to  have them access the on‐call DMHP for Stevens County.