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Marine Shorelines

Whether you live along a marine shoreline or just enjoy a day at the beach, your actions can go a long way toward helping protect water quality, your home and family, and the fish and wildlife who live here.

SSbooklet coverShoreline Living


Shore Stewards Website – Comprehensive website packed with information on shoreline living. Includes the 10 recommended guidelines for living on or near the shore and how to join the Shore Stewards program.


Guide for Shoreline Living – Completely updated Guide for Shoreline Living booklet with 10 recommended guidelines for shoreline living. Download the 3MB booklet or visit the Shore Steward website for all the information in the booklet and more.


Shore Stewards TV – Check out all our videos on the Shore Stewards TV playlist on YouTube.


About Recreational Shellfish Harvesting

When it comes to shellfish harvesting, your safety depends on water quality. Check these two website or call before you go to be sure the beach is open and safe:

  • Washington Shellfish Safety Map – Searchable map from the Department of Health showing beach closures to recreational shellfish harvest due to biotoxins, vibriosis, or pollution. Does not show seasonal closures. As an option, the Shellfish Safety Hotline is 1-800-562-5632.

Be sure to watch the video:  Recreational Shellfish Harvest (10 min)