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Community Horticulture


We are a vibrant agricultural county and WSU Extension has a long history of extending the knowledge of WSU research and benefits of horticulture to our community.

WSU Extension is dedicated to connecting and working in all areas of horticulture from the home gardener, school/community gardens and clubs to the commercial farmer/grower.

Community Horticulture is the way we interact with plants, people and our local ecology within urban and rural settings. WSU is dedicated to promoting and educating all areas of horticulture. Such as food crops, native plants, perennials, rain gardens, herbs, weeds, cover crops, sustainable landscaping, soil ecology, etc.

Our Community Horticulture

This website is designed to celebrate the work of our community and to help develop stronger partnerships and networking both locally and regionally.

We’d love you to share your own community’s horticultural experiences by adding your projects to the galleries. Big or small, from individuals or the whole community. Contact us for more information: