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Upgrades to Endangered Species Web Tool: Bulletins Live! Two

Posted by Jeremy Felt | August 19, 2015

EPA is releasing Bulletins Live! Two, an upgraded version of Bulletins Live!, a web-based map application used to access geographically-specific threatened and endangered species protection Bulletins. This system is an important tool for pesticide users since it makes it easier to find pesticide use limitations for specific areas. Go to to view the new application. Please note, if you are using Internet Explorer and have accessed Bulletins Live! in the past, you will need to clear your history or set your browser to check for newer versions of stored pages.

Bulletins generated by the application contain enforceable, geographically-specific pesticide use limitations that are necessary to ensure using a pesticide will not harm a threatened or endangered species or their critical habitat designated under the Endangered Species Act. A reference to Bulletins on a pesticide label ensures that the Bulletin’s pesticide use limitations are enforceable under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.

Bulletins Live! Two has several new features, including

  • an interactive map;
  • different base maps (satellite, street, geographic, etc.) to help users determine if specific pesticide use limitations apply in areas where the pesticide is intended for use; advanced
  • searches for active ingredient, product (by name or registration number), location (state, county, specific address); and
  • an enhanced system to receive public comments on draft Bulletins.

The new Bulletins Live! Two application is intended to replace Bulletins Live! and includes all of the current pesticide limitations captured in Bulletins Live! including 113 county Bulletins for 10 states for the protection of 14 threatened and endangered species.

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