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4-H Communication Arts Project

Program Contact: Jenny W. Loyd, 4-H Program Coordinator
(509) 574-1600 •

In today’s world communication is so important — from interpersonal relationships to cultural understanding, speech making, safety in online spaces, and job interviews. Experiential activities in this curriculum provide opportunities for youth to practice and gain confidence in communicating in a variety of situations


  • Interpret verbal and nonverbal information
  • Enhance writing and spoken communication
  • Defend a point
  • Design a presentation

4-H Communication Arts Curriculum

Available from the Extension office or online at 4-H Communication Arts Curriculum

Communications Module 1 – Skill Level Beginner
Communications Module 2 – Skill Level Intermediate
Communications Module 3 – Skill Level Advanced
Communications Module 1, Digital Download
Communications Module 2, Digital Download
Communications Module 3, Digital Download

Clearance Items

Item 08157 Communications 2 – Putting it Together
Item 08158 Communications 3 – The Perfect Fit


National 4-H Communication Arts Resources


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