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4-H Goat Project

Program Contact: Jenny W. Loyd, 4-H Program Coordinator
(509) 574-1600 •

Whether youth own a dairy goat, meat goat, pygmy goat or are just curious about them, these activities provide enjoyable, hands-on experiences to introduce them to goats.  Selection, feeding, management, fitting, showing and responsible goat ownership are emphasized for Dairy Goat, Meat Goat, Novelty/Pygmy Goat, and Utility Goat.


  • Demonstrate proper goat management and health practices
  • Develop goat fitting and showing skills
  • Select a quality project animal
  • Select animals suitable for their use in harness or as pack animals
  • Feed an animal properly
  • Learn about meat goat projects and marketing
  • Groom and show the project goats

4-H Goat Curriculum

Available from the Extension office or online at 4-H Goat Curriculum

Dairy Goat 1 – Getting Your Goat
Dairy Goat 2 – Stepping Out
Dairy Goat 3– Showing the Way
Dairy Goat – Helper’s Guide

Meat Goat 1 – Just Browsing
Meat Goat 2 – Get Growing with Meat Goats
Meat Goat 3 – Meating the Future
Meat Goat – Helper’s Guide

National Dairy Goat Curriculum

offers three books for dairy goat project youth and one for dairy goat project helpers.

National Meat Goat Curriculum

offers three books for meat goat project youth and one for meat goat project helpers

State 4-H Goat Resources


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Member Publications

Available in the Extension office or online at

C0790E – Dairy Goat Record
C0895E – 4-H Dairy Goat Certificate
C0914E – Animal Science Record
C1051E – Producer Affidavit & Market Goat Health Record
C1113E – Supplemental Animal Affidavit & Health Record
EM4877E – Dairy Cattle and Dairy Goat 4-H Member Advancement
EM4894E – Your Dairy Goat

Leader Publications

C0541 – Dairy Goat Chart
EM4425E – Goat Project,4-H Leader Guide
EM4781E – Dairy Goat Show Procedures
EM4873E – Dairy Cattle and DAiry Goat 4-H member Advancement, Leader Guide

Pack Goat site:
4-H Goat Resource site: