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4-H Performing Arts & Theatre Arts

Program Contact: Jenny W. Loyd, 4-H Program Coordinator
(509) 574-1600 •

Performing Arts


  • Develop an appreciation of one’s talents
  • Determine appropriate goals for a talent project
  • Develop new skills, self-confidence, and poise
Communications and Expressive Arts Resources


Theatre Arts

stage groupOpen the world of theater through a Theater Arts project. Participate in activities in communication, improvisation, pantomime, script writing, and more!


  • Learn elements and power of non-verbal communication
  • Practice script writing, designing, and directing
  • Develop an understanding of cultural and historical influences on theatre arts
  • Develop stage and costume design skills

4-H Theatre Arts Curriculum

Available from the Extension office or online at 4-H Theatre Curriculum

Theatre Arts Level 1 – Beginner
Theatre Arts Level 2 – Intermediate
Theatre Arts Level 3 – Advanced
Theatre Arts Curriculum Journal


National 4-H Theater Arts
State 4-H Theater Arts


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