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Veterinary & Self-Determined Animal Science

Program Contact: Jenny W. Loyd, 4-H Program Coordinator
(509) 574-1600 •

vet and dogVeterinary science projects have been an integral part of the 4-H program throughout it’s history. With 4-H’s focus on raising animals safely and ethically, veterinary science projects teach skills from basic animal care to biomedical research and food safety.


  • Recognize the value of animals to humans
  • Accept responsibility for animals’ welfare
  • Educate others about caring for animals
  • Prevent diseases of animals
  • Describe traits of good veterinarians and their roles in society
  • Describe the range of veterinary careets
  • Prepare for a career in veterinary medicine

4-H Veterinary Science Curriculum

Available in the Extension office or online at 4-H Veterinary Science Curriculum

Book 1 – Airedales to Zebras
Book 2 – All Systems Go
Book 3 – On the Cutting Edge
Veterinary Science Helper’s Guide
Vet Science 1 : Animal Behavior, Facilitator Guide
Vet Science 2: Animal Vital Signs, Facilitator Guide
Vet Science 3: Disease Transmission, Facilitator Guide

Member Publications

Available in the Extension office or online at

C0914E – Animal Science Record

National Veterinary Science Resources
State Veterinary Science Resources


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Self Determined Animal Science

Learning goals are determined by the member, parent, and leader.

Member & Leader Publications

Available in the Extension office or online at

EM2956E – Make Up Your Own Mind
EM2957E – Working with Members in Self-Determined Projects

Video A1: Cattle Group
Video A2: Cattle Focal
Video B1: Goats Group
Video B2: Goats Focal