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GivePulse – 4-H Vounteer Hour Reporting

Givepulse is a new program that replaces the WSU Volunteer Database, where you used to log in your Volunteer hours.  You will be using the new program givepulse to document your Volunteer hours for WSU 4-H Youth Development.

This document is broken down in 2 parts.  1) Claiming your givepulse account and 2) Entering your Volunteer Hours.  You can contact the Yakima 4-H office at 509-574-1600 if you have questions or issues claiming or entering your hours.

The givepulse program may seem a little cumbersome at first, but once you start using it regularly it is a very valuable tool to be using.

Why volunteer your hours? Every hour you spend supporting 4-H is a donation. By donating and logging your volunteer hours, you give Yakima County 4-H the numeric proof we need to show our funders and higher-officials that our programs are greatly valued and needed.  Officially reporting your hours also makes you eligible for the Department of Labor and Industries medical program aid for injured volunteer’s medical expense paid by Department of Labor and Industries.

What qualifies as volunteer hours?  Anything and everything you do for 4-H!  Teaching, planning, prepping, shopping, paperwork, training, driving 4-H members, mentoring, presenting and etc.

You can watch the video on how to claim your account: Claim Your Account PP